Artificial Grass of play

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synthetic grass Playgrass

Synthetic grass multi Playgrass.

The best artificial turf multisport and playground market at the best price.

24.00 / m² *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days
Delivery weight: 2,055 g

Artificial grass Play Junior

Artificial grass Play Junior

He is recognized for tear resistance and a smooth like that your children enjoy their pleinnement playground.

22.00 / m² *
In stock
can be shipped within 5 days
Delivery weight: 2.4 kg

Field synthetic grass

Artificial turf games and landscaping.

Here is the world's most versatile synthetic turf. It can be used for garden, football, etc ...

24.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 3.2 kg

Artificial Grass play Champion

Play Champion turf

Develop your playground, playground or your backyard for your children comfortably.

23.00 / m² *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days
Delivery weight: 3.2 kg

New Synthetic Grass Green Perfect "fiber C-shape"

Perfect synthetic grass Green "fiber C-shape" 40mm

Synthetic turf upscale, extraordinary realism and without gloss.
12 year warranty.
Compare and order with the help of the Detailed.




26.00 / m² *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days
Delivery weight: 3.6 kg
Prices include VAT, plus delivery

Artificial Grass of play

Allgazon offers a full range of artificial grass "Play".

Create to make playgrounds safe and comfortable for our children.

Artificial turf games have been specially designed for children, who can play safely on the type of coating is really comfortable. For more comfort you can install a prior sublayer damping to increase the safety index.

Play false lawns have been specially designed for intensive use and play areas. Thus ended the regular maintenance to clean clumps or patches of soil, mud. They are more durable than conventional lawns and they have a record of outstanding natural grass.

What we expect from our artificial turf:

They are designed for indoor or outdoor poses with a weathering (rain, snow, cold, heat, sun, etc ...). The materials used are environmentally friendly and do not affect in any way the nature.

The artificial turf of our guarantees are 7 to 12 years from the date of purchase.