Install synthetic turf

Install synthetic turf

Stages of soil preparation is essential.

Here are a few lines, how to make yourself laying your turf.


In 1: Remove existing vegetation by using preferably déserbant and then return to the classical method, being equipped with a rake, a shovel and a good pair of gloves.

In 2: Return to the land of wholes remove stones or roots that would come out.

In 3: Fill the holes and level the ground put a layer of sand preferably 0.4 and then fire the rule.

In 4: Compact the sand with a heat roller humidifying regularly. At the end of compression you need to move your feet without sinking. The soil must be very hard and stable.

Laying the turf.

1: It is preferable to install a geotextile or mesh that is call'd mesh screen in order to increase the protection support artificial turf when reassembled stones.

2: Take your dimensions and cut lengths then your first sow you will position starting with the end of your field.

3: Metter some tips so that the sow does not move. Cutter to cut the coutours excess. Take a second sow and butt jointing taking as reference the support and not the strands, repeat each sow.

4: Fold the wholes in the sow with fixing spikes to prevent them fold.

5: Drop your each joining strip connections, subsequently mixing the adhesive bicomponent soignement and pour in the middle of the joining strip (consumption 0.400 grs per linear meter) then move spatula.

6: Fold Laies carefully avoiding putting the blades in contact with the glue. When all Laies are stuck, start attaching the artificial turf using spikes and sardines.

7: Brush if necessary with the help of a brushing machine and enjoy your turf.