Grass Green détente

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Green artificial grass Detente 30mm

Artificial turf durable and comfortable easy to install for to make a green garden.

9 years warranty.

Compare and order with the Detailed.

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(Echantillons: Green Détente)

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Grass Green détente

A versatile synthetic grass.

It is an artificial turf UV resistant and has a very good resistance to chemicals pool maintenance. 9 years is guaranteed and is ideally designed for easy installation. It has a high resistance to tearing, which will allow it to be used on restaurant terraces or on the exhibition spaces! At a height of 25mm strands and a density of 16,800 per m2 clusters of bristles, it is part of the thickest in its class fake turf. Without limit of Use, you can also install it in your garden to mimic perfectly natural herbs and give him a stamp.