Grass Green Luxe

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Artificial Landscaping grass Green Luxe.

This is the artificial grass very soft with these milt are very big density.

Warranty 10 years.

Compare and order with the help of the Detailed.

23.50 / m² *
Delivery weight: 3.15 kg

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Artificial turf for garden

It is particularly soft, stunning realism with 4 colors strand for a natural and a height of 36mm. That density is not left with 453,000 strands per m2 which gives comfort. Flat monofilaments were changed from the previous versions in order to reduce the gloss effect. And the synthetic grass Green Luxury keeps the same tone of color without shine. The color is dyed for greater UV resistance and aging. No need to fill silica or other aggregate, the density is fine.

Iso 9001 and iso 14001 and 10 year warranty