Grass Green Confort

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 Artificial grass Green turf Confort 35mm.

Artificial turf soft, comfortable and does not heat while the summer.

Warranty 10 years.

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Delivery weight: 3.4 kg

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Grass Green Confort


It will seduce you with its softness and realism with 4 strands of natural colors for a ASPEC not believe your eyes. It exciste curly brown beige as pictured or brown. The artificial grass Green Confort 2013 is better than the most some synthetic turf.

It is perfectly adpaté edges pool thanks to its resistance to chlorine and UV course.

Remember to remove your flip flops, it is sweeter than natural!

Strand height: 35mm

Density (number of tufts per m2): 18900 340 000 or strands per m2

Dtex: 11000

without filling

10-year guarantee

Iso9001 iso14001 certification