Synthetic turf Green Satin

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Artificial landcaping grass GREEN SATIN

Artificial grass garden densest market clusters of bristles.

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(Echantillons: Green satin)

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Synthetic turf Green Satin

The denser artificial turf.


Here is a very synthetic turf upscale artificial grass Green SATIN is exceptional. Its texture and realism will fill you with a smooth visual. As the strands of 40mm in height and density of the strands 21,000 m2 (over 360,000 strands per m2), allows him to be a synthetic turf quality and very importantly, we would think seeing a natural grass. It exciste curly brown beige like the photos or brown.

Strand height: 40mm

Density (number of tufts per m2): 21000

Dtex: 9900

without filling

8 year warranty

Iso9001 iso14001 certification