Synthetic grass golf

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Artificiel Golf grass

Synthetic turf golf Pré Green.

It will allow you to develop the area around your golf green.

19.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 2.83 kg

Artificial turf Golf Tee

Artificial turf Golf Tee

Here is the upscale artificial professional turf for the Golf practice hight density.

39.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

Artificial Golf grass

Golf artificial turf HOOK.

ALLGAZON will allow you to enjoy a synthetic golf green, like that you practice your hobby.

44.00 / m² *
Delivery weight: 2.83 kg

Slabs under ProPlay cushioning layer.

Cushioning layer under FIFA certified.

The slab is certified ProPlay FIFA for install your official football on hard ground. Often used for its versatility in the film studios and advertising.

34.90 / unit(s) *
1 m² = 17.23 €
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days
Delivery weight: 8 kg
Prices include VAT, plus delivery

Synthetic grass golf

Allgazon, offers a wide range of synthetic grass for golf.

We offer golf synthetic with a service ready to install. To do so, just send us a request for your project and we'll make you a detailed quote.

For all requirements necessary to achieve your green, a variety of fake lawn is offered for different levels and types of practical uses. Allow our lawns professional Tee use, is the same that is used on turf golf courses in Spain and more particularly that of green from  Benalmadena near to Malaga.

Allgazon is the specialist in the sale of synthetic turf golf.