Tennis synthetic court

Tennis synthetic court

Several models of artificial grass tennis courts are proposed:

Ace the color green, ocher Earth Ace a density of 23,100 m2 in clusters of bristles permetterons you to choose the color of your tennis court.

Set Point color green, Set Point ocher Earth with a density of 44 100 m2 in clusters of bristles, it is ideal for intensive land use such as tennis communities, tennis clubs, area condominium games etc ...

The benefits of tennis kit:

They make possible a tennis court in record time, reduce losses falls turf, so no need cutting.

How to make the installation of turf:

After preparing the soil, you will begin to unwind the roll lengths of turf that are already divided into several parts and identified. You still have to cut the grass or you place bands limitation, white and finally to assemble the foreshore with the junction tape descend on support for the two-component glue very high performance.

To finish, spread the silica on the part of any tennis court in accordance with the average load per square meter per model artificial turf.

For your project, our representatives are here to help you with your project. do not hesitate to contact us!

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Synthetic grass tennis kit set point.

Artificial turf to make a tennis professional in no time.

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Tennis Ace kit.

Allgazon realized with the help of partners, synthetic tennis kit for professionnal players.

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