Why choose an artificial grass

Why choose an artificial grass

Today synthetic turf is booming.

Solve problems due to increases in commodity prices and lack of water. The synthetic grass has the advantage of resolving these difficulties while preserving nature. Actually the price per square meter of natural grass is more interesting except when we want to plan for the future. Artificial turf will allow you to make a return on investment in 3-4 years. Why? Simply no drinking water or very little (cleaning), no herbicide, fuel, fertilizer or lawn whose prices are rising and most importantly, instead of maintaining your real grass, enjoy simply your turf ...

Why synthetic turf ALLGAZON:

Allgazon offers the sale of artificial turf for private or professional qualities. We carry out the installation of synthetic lawn. Allgazon delivers everywhere in France, Corsica and in the world. Solutions and imitation grass nturel high ranges for landscaping gardens and professional quality. Is ausi ​​services that allow you to be accompanied and comforted to realize an investment that will allow you to enjoy your green spaces.

For this a recommended waiting for you to answer all your questions regarding the selection or installation of your turf following number 0981009206. You can contact us on contact and remind you advised as soon as possible.