GREEN Detente

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19.90 / square metre(s)
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Description Artificial Turf Green DETENTE.

ALLGAZON again and again helps to provide these customers with quality products the cheapest in the market. Green grass Detente is a super soft, consistent and shine-free with 100% polyethylene strands for a unique sensation of touch. Synthetic turf is ideal for people who want to market barefoot and enjoy their little garden as possible. Appearance allows him to be a hyper-realistic grass for that small amount of strands, it gives the appearance of having been mowed. It will be perfect to decorate and decorate your garden or pool edge.


Product Note Status Price
Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass
19.50 € / box(es) *
Glue PU Glue PU
35.90 € *
1 kg = 10.88 €
Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2 Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2
1.49 € / m² *
Ribbon for Artificial grass Ribbon for Artificial grass
1.29 € / m *
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Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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