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$30.00 / square metre(s)
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Delivery weight: 3.15 kg

The softest artificial turf.

Green Luxe artificial turf you will enjoy a soft feel and comfort. Allgazon the chosen to provide these customers with a high quality synthetic grass with the lowest price guaranteed! It will please you with its hyper-realistic appearance that allows it to blend in all seasons and in all periods. Whether in rain or sun, it will seduce you with a quality look and exceptional manufacturing. It is without silica filler, maintenance free and highly resistant to tearing. It is designed to avoid the sun and heat it with a composition of 100% polyethylene strands.

We will refund the difference if you find cheaper aillor but on the same technical description, as is quality turf!


Product Note Status Price
Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass
$26.00 / box(es) *
Glue PU Glue PU
$48.65 *
1 kg = $14.74
Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2 Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2
$2.01 / m² *
Ribbon for Artificial grass Ribbon for Artificial grass
$1.69 / m *
Joining strip glued Joining strip glued
$45.00 / Roll(s) *
1 m = $4.50
Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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Delivery weight: 3.4 kg
Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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