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1 kg = 10.88 €

Two-component glue.

Allows the junction of the foreshore synthetic grass to achieve perfect welding net.

Consumption: from 0.300 to 0.500 grams per linear meter of lawn.

Drying time: 30 'to 1 hour (at 20 ° ambient temperatue)


For the installation of synthetic turf indoor and outdoor tape junction.

Incorporate the curing agent (resin) with the polyurethane by vigorous stirring, preferably using a mixer fitted to a helical drill of a minimum power of 500 W and rotating at 300 revolutions / min. The mixture must be perfectly homogeneous throughout the bulk of the product will be a uniform color green. Any mixture would result in imperfect curing of the product and following bonding defects spot (the resin having, by itself, no tackiness).

Prepare only the amount of adhesive used within the pot life (about 60 minutes). The pot life depends on the temperature and the amount mixed. Over the mixture, the greater the glue heats up and dries quickly. The turf will be held, the connecting strip cut and folded the foreshore. The glue must be applied with a notched trowel on TAPE JUNCTION.

The amount applied is based on the structure of the underside of the artificial turf or other covering. The application time is 90 minutes and it is determined by the ambient temperature, relative humidity, substrate temperature and the mixing time. After application, rub thoroughly with a roller.


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24.00 € / m² *
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